About Traylor


A fundamental educational program available to all students in the Denver Public Schools.

The Traylor Fundamental Academy program offers subjects taught in traditional ways with high standards for student behavior.  Our areas of emphasis are reading, language arts and math.  Large group instruction is the regular teaching method employed with differentiated support for students’ individual needs in the classroom and through our special education program . The curriculum is delivered in a highly ordered and disciplined learning environment.  Instruction is provided in English with qualifying second language learners having a resource program available to them.  Daily homework is a requirement and there is an expectation that parents will visit the school frequently and participate in their child’s education.  In support of the fundamental philosophy, parents are expected to sign an agreement to ensure support of our school, the curriculum, and our standards for student behavior.

Students who attend Traylor include those living in the Traylor neighborhood and other students who desire a fundamental program.  Students who live outside of the Traylor Academy boundary must be selected through the DPS SchoolChoice process.