EM Games and McGraw Hill Online Library


Denver Public Schools


(Steps to access the EM Online Games)


  • Start w/the DPS homepage: www.dpsk12.org
  • Choose “Parents & Students” along the top of the page and click
  • Scroll down the page to find the EM GAMES button on the right side of the screen and click—this will advance to the Everyday Mathematics home page
  • A window will appear w/a “Username” field.  This is where you should type in the login found on the student card
  • Type in student login exactly, then click on the small green “Log In” button underneath the “Username” field
  • A new box will appear to enter student password-choose a digit, letter & shape by clicking on the appropriate box.  Scroll to the bottom of this box to click another small green “Log In”
  • Click “Launch” found in the Online Games box
  • Choose grade level at the top of the screen. A game menu will appear for selection.  Select game and play When finished click on “Close” at the top right.  Then be sure to logout (found along the top of the page toward the right in the blue bar)  Have fun!



(Steps to access the McGraw Hill Online Library)

  • Go to www.mheonline.com
  • Click on pink “Elementary” tab
  • Choose Colorado in the drop down “Choose Your State” field
  • Scroll towards the bottom of page for the blue “Leveled Book Search” box and click on “GO”
  • In the white pop-up box select “Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Leveled Reader Search
  • Complete the fields in the blue Log In box on the left side of screen”
    • User Name:  Traylor
    • Password:  Tigers1
  • Complete the fields per your preferences
  • Select book/story and wait for it to download
  • Click the play arrow at the top of the book to begin
  • Be sure to Log Out when finished (found along the top of the page towards the right in the blue bar)  Enjoy the story!