Crossing Guard Training

Crossing Guard Training

As many of our community members know, arrival and dismissal times at Traylor are busy! With the recent detour in our neighborhood, we’d like more help ensuring our students’ safety.

To do this, we are hosting two Crossing Guard Trainings. Denver Public Schools Safety and Security will be conducting training for Volunteer Crossing Guards on Monday, November 5th at 8AM or Wednesday, November 7th at 5PM in the Traylor Staff Lounge.

This hands-on training will give us the knowledge and tools to improve the safety at our cross walks before and after school. The training is free and all parents/guardians are welcome to attend.

Any parents/guardians or volunteers who are interested in completing this training and helping us with our crosswalk safety can call  720-424-3480 or stop by the office. Please complete the following  sign off form.

DPS Safe and Security will come back to do additional trainings as needed. You will need a DPS Volunteer clearance, so please stop by the office, and we’ll work to get the process started.

We hope to have more volunteers so we can build a volunteer schedule for before and after school cross walk duty!

Thank you for your help in making our community as safe as possible for our students and families!

Ms. Olson