Teale Masciantonio

Community Liaison


School Support

Salutations and good day! My name is Teale Masciantonio, and I am so excited to say that this is my first year becoming a part of the Traylor Tiger Team! For four years I have been a parent here, getting to know families and  teachers, now it’s my job to help bring our community together and be a support in any way that I can. I have to say this is very thrilling! I was raised throughout many of the Denver areas, and have settled my roots just a few blocks from Traylor Academy. My husband and I have been together for 16 years and raised three wild and silly kiddos. My Three children keep me very busy, exploring nature, blowing bubbles, playing board games and reading lots of books. I’m so lucky to call Traylor my new job, it’s absolutely a dream come true!